The Kitchen of the Midnightferret

Crunchings and Munchings with the Midnightferret!


Welcome to my kitchen! I hopefully will post most of my recipes in here.  Some posts will be links to other recipes I use.  I usually cook with ease and speed in mind.  I have tried a few “30 minute meals” but sometimes I have to fudge those because they don’t always turn out right — apparently they have different ideas of how to season things in New York.

I won’t always put exact measurements for ingredients here, simply because some things I make don’t really have recipes except in my head.  I also like to use real butter and fancy cheese.  Most of my food is not dietetic by any means.   I encourage people to be as healthy as possible, and if you eat like I do, you probably won’t be all that healthy – especially if you have high cholesterol.  You have been warned. Some of the food I make is sort of healthy, but this is strictly by accident.  Use common sense.

Bon Appetit!

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