This Blog Needs a Makeover!

Picture of Me!

In the past, I’ve posted about focus, and then promptly and thoroughly failed to get some.

This is ok. Well, at least, I’m in a good place with that right now. Actually, I just wanted to let you guys know a few little things about my life, and sort of rev everyone (including myself) up for a few changes.

As some of you know, my life as taken a turn for the geek again recently. Now, while this turn really just involves an entry-level job at an engineering firm, it has forced me to re-examine a lot of my goals and my life overall. Continue reading This Blog Needs a Makeover!

Tiny Update

I was chastised this weekend for not updating the blog, but all I could come up with was a really good recipe for pulled pork in the crockpot. I posted it on my recipe (http://www NULL.midnightferret blog.

I also added my other “in progress” beer. I will try to think of something interesting […]

A Bit of Site News

I have updated this website to WordPress (http://www NULL.wordpress 2.7 and also installed the “Subscribe to Comments” plugin. Now you can leave a comment and be notified if someone replies! Nifty, huh?


I’ve decided to try something new with my website. Instead of posting random blather in a stream of consciousness style, I’m going to keep to a regular schedule and post about specific things. Novel idea for me, no?

I’m aware that my life lacks a lot of focus. I complain because I don’t reach […]

Finally Fixed the Colors & New Plugins!

I just thought I’d mention, in case no one noticed, that I finally fixed the colors and pictures here and I also installed a groovy new progress plugin. It is called Progressfly, and as you can see, it uses css to generate progress meters for whatever you want. I was going to put James […]

Focus? What’s Focus? Do I Have It?

A magnifying glass!I do seem to be feeling much better. I stopped posting in October only to begin again yesterday, and here I am posting again! I was browsing yesterday and today looking for configuration instructions for a plugin I installed in October and promptly forgot about. (More on this later when I actually use it to generate content.) I read an article about how to bring readers to one’s blog with an aim to make money blogging, and the author insisted that one’s blog have “focus.” Continue reading Focus? What’s Focus? Do I Have It?

My Blog Made Money!

Guess what, guys? My blog made money! Well, it made Amazon (http://www referral fees. It was for the second quarter, so it was in April.  I made $5.00!  How exciting is that?  Thanks to my faithful readers and random wandering googlers. I get paid in Amazon gift certificates, so it has to […]

New Site Section Up

Hi guys,

In honor of slightly elevated traffic lately (i.e. two of you who seldom pass by have both let me know you’ve been reading!) I decided to finally sort out the recipe section of this blog.  I decided that that only format for my recipes that I can stand to use is actually […]

Test of Avantgo Palm Post

I finally decided to try this. This post was created using Avantgo and my faithful Sony Clie T615C.

So I’m Back

Back after was hacked by malicious little twinks. I have installed WordPress (http://www NULL.wordpress 2.0. I will soon install Gallery.

I don’t know if I like my new host because it doesn’t let me choose the names of my databases and email/ftp user accounts. It generates some random string. It’s kind of […]

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Countdown of the Moment

Happy St. Parick's Day!