Almost There!

Ok, so perhaps some of you have noticed the MA Thesis progress bar has advanced to 100%. That effect is due to the fact that on April 8 (only 3 weeks ago!) I defended and passed. Suddenly I are an authority.

I am now in the format check stages and am ready to print the copies on bond paper. This means that I have to pull more money out of my butt. I am still not sure where the school thinks I get all this money to spend on crap like caps and gowns and 20 lb. bond paper. I also don’t understand why the school makes walking in the ceremony mandatory. I could refuse to participate, but it is actually more difficult to do that than to just go ahead and participate. Can’t I just quietly bask in my own sense of achievement instead of spending 2 1/2 hours in a smelly auditorium watching people I don’t know yammer and prance about? My family wants to come and sit through all of that just to watch me walk (and probably trip) across the stage for 5 seconds. Continue reading Almost There!

Master and Instuctor

So here’s my status as an MA degree candidate. My Master’s Thesis proposal was approved last week. I have two quarters to write it, with three thesis hours per quarter devoted to research and writing. Those are two of the four courses I need to complete my course requirements.

I will also be teaching […]

Another Quarter Has Come and Gone

I have finished another quarter of my Masters’ Degree in English! Go me! 15 hours down, 18 to go. Oh, and my evil plans are flourishing in the realm of Literature scholarship. But before I talk about that, let me tell you about my day…
Today was absolutely horrible. It started out okay, though. I woke up and studied for my finals while eating Cheeriosâ„¢ and telling my pet bird to be quiet. I am terrible at memorization, but I swear, by the time I left the house, I had all the Brontë children’s birth orders all sorted out. Again, I swear.

So I get in my tiny car and head towards Ruston, LA. Fortunately, I was an hour early. Why fortunately, you may ask? Because I was hardly outside of West Monroe city limits when an alarming buppita-thwapthwapthwap noise attacked the rear driver’s side of my Mazda Miata. As far as I know, Miatas are not supposed to go “buppita-thwapthwapthwap,” and because I knew for certain that my rear tires were older than rear tires have any right to be, I had a suspicion as to the cause. I pulled over and phoned for help, and a good thing too, because while the Miata comes equipped with a cute little toy jack and spare donut tire, it does not come with a cute little toy tire iron to go with it. Or perhaps it did, in 1991, when the car was made. I have no evidence one way or the other.

Continue reading Another Quarter Has Come and Gone

Anxiety, Inc.

Or should that be “Anxiety, M.A.”? (clever, aren’t I? tee hee. tee. hee.)

The other day I had prepared this clever post on the nature of test anxiety and whether anxiety is actually “necessary” for success. I discussed how I always get very anxious about my exams but usually get A’s on them anyway, resulting in ridicule by dear hubby (http://www NULL.ambardia I wondered if I would do as well on the exams if I weren’t always anxious about them.  I have to admit that sometimes I’m anxious in spite of being well-prepared for the exam, but more often I am anxious because I have not prepared very thoroughly at all.  So is the anxiety really necessary?  Continue reading Anxiety, Inc.

Two Classes Down, 9 To Go…

I’m done with the first quarter of grad school!  I even did pretty well: I’m not too pleased with my B in Research and Bibliography, but that’s definitely the grade I earned.  Each assignment was so totally different from the last that I just couldn’t get the edge I needed to get an A.  […]

Do you know where the ferret is?

It’s almost 11 pm and I am reading articles on writing pedagogy and eating dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses.

Is this heaven or hell?

Oh, and the ferret is busily hiding its food under the couch, with frequent pauses to stalk and kill James (http://www NULL.ambardia‘ balled up socks.

Pulling Teeth

Grr. Why is it, that when I wanted so much to return to school, that when I get here, doing any of my assignments is like pulling teeth. I can’t get motivated to do the assignments, and once I get there, sticking to the work is extremely difficult.

It makes me want to overeat. […]

Silly Dilemma

So apparently I am injuring myself trying to carry around my books and my laptop at the same time. James (http://www NULL.ambardia got me a realy neat red laptop case from Target for my birthday but I can’t fit my school books into it. I have a sleeve for the laptop and I […]

Master and Researcher

Thursday I started the MA program at Louisiana Tech (http://www NULL.latech  I am pretty excited about it, actually.  I am taking 9 hours: Research and Bibliography, Teaching Composition, and 16th Century British Literature.  The first two are sort of “core curriculum”.  It is pretty exciting to get to take all your classes in […]

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Countdown of the Moment

Happy St. Parick's Day!