The Picayune's Creole Cookbook


Today we did some errands and, as usual, couldn’t stop ourselves from visiting Half Price Books. I was so pleased to pick up an actual treasure: The (http://www Picayune’s Creole Cook Book – Sesquicentennial Edition (http://www! It contains 150 years worth of recipes compiles from The Times Picayune (http://www NULL.timespicayune, the New Orleans daily newspaper. The Picayune itself is somewhat sentimental (http://www for me, in part because my grandfather always said it phonetically to make us giggle when we went to visit. Also, a lot of my mom’s own recipe clippings come from the Picayune, and, miraculously, the paper has two pages of comics on weekdays! Weekdays! Can you believe it?

This isn’t the newer version, printed in 2002, with the pretty cover. The hardback of that edition seems not to be available now for less than a C-note,  but I’ll settle for the more “homey” version from 1987.  It is a reprint of the second edition of the Picayune Cookbook from 1901, which is considered the definitive collection.  This edition was edited by Marcelle Bienvenu, of St. Martinville, LA. She worked for the Brennan’s family of restaurants, as well as opening her own restaurant, Chez Marcelle.

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Knit Along With the Doozers

I was a longtime fan of Fraggle Rock in childhood, but I don’t remember this episode. Still, this vid’s got three of my favorite things: music, knitting, and muppets! Enjoy.

The Sock List

It’s not what you’re thinking.

I have a plan. If I start knitting now, By Christmas 2009 I can have 12 pairs of socks knitted. That could mean that 12 lucky people would get handknit socks for Christmas! On the list so far are 3 people. That leaves 9 slots open for sock-a-mania 2009.


My Favorite Yarns

I have to put in a word here for a couple of my favorite yarns. I run the risk here of exposing myself as perhaps more strange and obsessed with strange things than any of you previously suspected, but lately I feel the urge to express myself. So if I want to post about my favorite yarn, then by golly, that’s-a-what-I’m-gonna-do! Continue reading My Favorite Yarns

Stuff I Need. Honest, I really need it!

Okay, having begun to knit in 2005, mostly to have something cheap to do with my hands while James (http://www NULL.ambardia was in New Orleans trying to get back into our neighborhood after the stupid hurricane, I have now become proficient enough at it to need real supplies.  Right now I have a […]

My First PayPal Dispute

Yep, that’s right. I’m going to be reduced to one of those people who starts fights on the internet. No, I’m not a forum troll, although I have annoyed quite a few people in my intermittent forum rovings: I may have to fight over 30 bucks with an online merchant.

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Hot Wheels Flash Drive Project

This would be such a great thing to make, if I had a dremel tool… Still, if you aren’t crafty, Rachel has many novelty USB keys for sale, too! (http://www NULL.freshlysqueezedflash NULL.html)

This could be the solution to my desire for all things novelty USB. Everytime I see a new USB key shaped […]

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Countdown of the Moment

Happy St. Parick's Day!