This Blog Needs a Makeover!

Picture of Me!

In the past, I’ve posted about focus, and then promptly and thoroughly failed to get some.

This is ok. Well, at least, I’m in a good place with that right now. Actually, I just wanted to let you guys know a few little things about my life, and sort of rev everyone (including myself) up for a few changes.

As some of you know, my life as taken a turn for the geek again recently. Now, while this turn really just involves an entry-level job at an engineering firm, it has forced me to re-examine a lot of my goals and my life overall. Continue reading This Blog Needs a Makeover!

Knit Along With the Doozers

I was a longtime fan of Fraggle Rock in childhood, but I don’t remember this episode. Still, this vid’s got three of my favorite things: music, knitting, and muppets! Enjoy.

Do Me a Favor and Play a Cool Game!

Hey y’all. I would love it if you would try this  game, called Vikings, Pirates, Ninjas!

You can join with me as your referral by clicking this link: (http://www NULL.vpnwars

When you do a quest, and gain levels in certain increments, it gives me a certain amount of fame.

I suppose this […]

I’m Coming Out

No really, I am. Now, this is going to seem a lot like some of my friends’ experiences when we were younger. I had friends who “came out” to us, their friends, and we all said, “Oh, really? You think we didn’t know already?” And I think anyone who has known me for, oh, five minutes or so, will have a similar reaction.

But I find it necessary here, to make some kind of public announcement. I’m a big nerd. I like to do nerdy things. I thought that as I got older and/or made more time to really look at my life and my interests, I would somehow find more “adult” and “sophisticated” versions of the favorite activities of my younger years. To some extent, it’s been true. I am able to do things now that I wasn’t able to do when I was younger. So what do I do with my time now that I have a little money and I have finally reconciled myself to the fact that I do have more time, and that’s ok? [editor’s note: This is a very long entry. It is also very self-absorbed on my part. You have been warned.]

Continue reading I’m Coming Out

Girl Genius Online Comics

Girl Genius (http://www NULL.girlgeniusonline is the best online comic ever! I would have a great little graphic here but my website is experiencing technical difficulties. These difficulties are probably due to a component error between the chair and the keyboard and will be rectified when I figure out what I did wrong.

In […]

A Bit of Site News

I have updated this website to WordPress (http://www NULL.wordpress 2.7 and also installed the “Subscribe to Comments” plugin. Now you can leave a comment and be notified if someone replies! Nifty, huh?

A Thank You To Brien

Brien gave me a gift card to Amazon (http://astore for my graduation. Well, what with moving and all, and then my perverse enjoyment of anticipation over gratification, he basically almost got me a birthday present (2 weeks!).

I just wanted to say thank you again, Brien, and let you know that you […]

Why I Wish I Had Taken an Electronics Course:

01/\/atch – Instructables – DIY, How To, tech (http://www NULL.instructables

via Google (http://www, while searching for affordable binary watches. Why was I searching for affordable binary watches, you ask? Because I am not writing my paper on David Copperfield.

Test of Avantgo Palm Post

I finally decided to try this. This post was created using Avantgo and my faithful Sony Clie T615C.

I have a crude mind

…because the first thing I thought when I saw an ad for this (http://www NULL.iload was, “my pants.”

It’s the end of the quarter again, guys.  I’ve been up for 30 hours – mostly because I drank a pot of coffee last night and instead of leaving my paper alone after one revision, […]

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Countdown of the Moment

Happy St. Parick's Day!