The Picayune's Creole Cookbook


Today we did some errands and, as usual, couldn’t stop ourselves from visiting Half Price Books. I was so pleased to pick up an actual treasure: The (http://www Picayune’s Creole Cook Book – Sesquicentennial Edition (http://www! It contains 150 years worth of recipes compiles from The Times Picayune (http://www NULL.timespicayune, the New Orleans daily newspaper. The Picayune itself is somewhat sentimental (http://www for me, in part because my grandfather always said it phonetically to make us giggle when we went to visit. Also, a lot of my mom’s own recipe clippings come from the Picayune, and, miraculously, the paper has two pages of comics on weekdays! Weekdays! Can you believe it?

This isn’t the newer version, printed in 2002, with the pretty cover. The hardback of that edition seems not to be available now for less than a C-note,  but I’ll settle for the more “homey” version from 1987.  It is a reprint of the second edition of the Picayune Cookbook from 1901, which is considered the definitive collection.  This edition was edited by Marcelle Bienvenu, of St. Martinville, LA. She worked for the Brennan’s family of restaurants, as well as opening her own restaurant, Chez Marcelle.

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Knit Along With the Doozers

I was a longtime fan of Fraggle Rock in childhood, but I don’t remember this episode. Still, this vid’s got three of my favorite things: music, knitting, and muppets! Enjoy.

Frederik Pohl: Still Insightful

The Way the Future Blogs, an online memoir by science fiction writer Frederik Pohl » Blog Archive » My Worst Prediction Ever: Corporate Leisure Time (http://www NULL.thewaythefutureblogs

He’s intelligent, insightful, and admits when he was wrong… what a guy! Oh yeah and there is still all that groundbreaking Sci-Fi he wrote to be considered.

Sookie Stackhouse novels: Has anyone read these?

I don’t really expect anyone of my acquaintance to have read these things.

That being said, the author seems hugely successful. I was just curious because her vampires, fairies, and other creatures seem to inhabit a section of the country I’ve tried all my life to escape. If someone has read these, can you […]

Girl Genius Online Comics

Girl Genius (http://www NULL.girlgeniusonline is the best online comic ever! I would have a great little graphic here but my website is experiencing technical difficulties. These difficulties are probably due to a component error between the chair and the keyboard and will be rectified when I figure out what I did wrong.

In […]

A Thank You To Brien

Brien gave me a gift card to Amazon (http://astore for my graduation. Well, what with moving and all, and then my perverse enjoyment of anticipation over gratification, he basically almost got me a birthday present (2 weeks!).

I just wanted to say thank you again, Brien, and let you know that you […]

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

In the interest of expanding my knowledge of 19th century literature, I recently read Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. I admit I’ve been a fan of Treasure Island since childhood, but I had never read this book before. Continue reading The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Stuff I’m Reading

So it’s almost time for me to stop reading for pleasure altogether. Okay, it’s almost time for me to say I’m not reading for pleasure anymore and then do so anyway, probably ruining my eyes in the process. I wanted to put in a few words for Philip Pullman and the “His Dark Materials” […]

My Blog Made Money!

Guess what, guys? My blog made money! Well, it made Amazon (http://www referral fees. It was for the second quarter, so it was in April.  I made $5.00!  How exciting is that?  Thanks to my faithful readers and random wandering googlers. I get paid in Amazon gift certificates, so it has to […]

It’s October!

If I lived somewhere with seasons, the weather would be getting cooler like it does in the movies, and the leaves would be turning. I love October! It’s the month of my favorite holiday, and it’s also my anniversary (on the 26th).

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s pagan in origin, has been corrupted […]

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Countdown of the Moment

Happy St. Parick's Day!