The Unicycle No One Loved

Just another abandoned blog. I always thought that, really, the saddest thing you could abandon was a unicycle. I mean, look at how awesome unicycles are. People who can ride unicycles really love them, and it’s actually kind of hard to find a unicycle. So can you imagine how utterly depressing it could be to see an abandoned unicycle? Of course, one must admit that it’s super hard to learn to ride a unicycle, and that riding a unicycle is not for everyone (especially those of us without health insurance). But I’m digressing so I’ll just tell you that this paragraph is supposed to segue into something about abandoned blogs. Like this one.

You see the beginning, when the blogger is all gung-ho, fired-up, and a lot of other hyphenated adjectives about his or her blog. Then, if you’re lucky, there’s a slight tapering off before the inevitable shut down and/or abandonment. In severe cases, like my own, there may be one or two attempts to get going again. A couple of redesigns, maybe, and some attempts to add or change focus. But ultimately, almost inevitably, the blog deteriorates into a couple of posts about “I’ll blog regularly this time, I swear!” and maybe a couple of holiday recipes. Mmmmm. Recipes.

I’ll go ahead and admit that I’ve actually got a couple of decent pieces here. I also like that I have my own domain, something I was super excited about when I got it back in the early Oughts: before then I knew people with domain names, but I wasn’t one of them. Back when the word “blog” started being thrown about – go look it up, I’m too lazy to do it for you – it was like a public journal. People didn’t care what the focus of your blog was, just whether you had one. So for people who could build a website, or later, at least work a backend, blogging was a neat pastime. Of course, you had your over-sharers, and your vitriol spewers, and your basic weirdos, but hey, not everyone had a blog yet, so who were we, non-bloggers, to criticize? Now, you can pretty much pick your flavor.  Are you a SocMed “maven” or an in-depth source-citing APA style kinda person who has “no need for self-promotion” but somehow gets 10k or more hits on every post? Do you microblog? Have a webcomic? Or maybe you just Tweet your day away.

I won’t lie. Occasionally I have thoughts which are fit for public consumption, appropriate for sharing, formattable into article form (yes, I made up a word. Sue me.), too long to place in a comment on someone else’s blog, and not really relevant to other fora I post in (somewhat) frequently. Most of the time, I don’t post these thoughts. Why? Probably laziness. I’m pretty sure laziness is huge here. Also, creatively, I tend to be an “incubator.” I get an idea, and I chew on it for a while. I stare out the window thinking about it, then I might think about it in the shower for a few days. I might work tiny parts of it into a conversation with someone, but usually the conversation in question is on some other subject with only the vaguest abstract relation to my idea. This stuff can take months. If, somehow, my idea actually makes it through this bizarre filtering process into something I can state in three or four sentences, I’ll write it down somewhere I’ll actually remember it and the actual process of structuring can begin. Well, that’s the “big project” idea process, anyhow, but even the “I should write an article about how I like to make lemon bars in October and why” kinds of ideas have to ferment a bit. By the time I’m ready to write “Lemon Bars in October,” it’s November. Now if I had a better filing system, I could work it up and write it in October of next year, but that’s a different post, isn’t it?

Also, I’m really rambly sometimes. Rambling could be solved by editing, but remember, I’m lazy! Honestly, I don’t even know what I’m doing here now. I finally have a space to work that is all my own, something I really haven’t had since 2008 or so. If you think I’m feeling sorry for myself, why don’t you try living with your spouse in a 700 sq. ft. 1 bedroom apartment for three years, and sharing the bedroom with his workspace and the living area with his sign shop? Yep, that’s what I thought. So here’s to my new workspace. I need a framed picture of a unicycle in it, though. Just to remind me.

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