The Unicycle No One Loved

Just another abandoned blog. I always thought that, really, the saddest thing you could abandon was a unicycle. I mean, look at how awesome unicycles are. People who can ride unicycles really love them, and it’s actually kind of hard to find a unicycle. So can you imagine how utterly depressing it could be to see an abandoned unicycle? Of course, one must admit that it’s super hard to learn to ride a unicycle, and that riding a unicycle is not for everyone (especially those of us without health insurance). But I’m digressing so I’ll just tell you that this paragraph is supposed to segue into something about abandoned blogs. Like this one.

You see the beginning, when the blogger is all gung-ho, fired-up, and a lot of other hyphenated adjectives about his or her blog. Then, if you’re lucky, there’s a slight tapering off before the inevitable shut down and/or abandonment. In severe cases, like my own, there may be one or two attempts to get going again. A couple of redesigns, maybe, and some attempts to add or change focus. But ultimately, almost inevitably, the blog deteriorates into a couple of posts about “I’ll blog regularly this time, I swear!” and maybe a couple of holiday recipes. Mmmmm. Recipes.

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