Do Me a Favor and Play a Cool Game!

Hey y’all. I would love it if you would try this  game, called Vikings, Pirates, Ninjas!

You can join with me as your referral by clicking this link: (http://www NULL.vpnwars

When you do a quest, and gain levels in certain increments, it gives me a certain amount of fame.

I suppose this is the latest game I’m interested in.  It’s a browser game that’s good for playing while you wait for other things to happen. (You know, that life stuff everyone keeps talking about.)  You can choose a faction: Viking, Pirate, or Ninja.  Of course, you get three toons, so you can actually be one of each, if you so desire. The game works with Flash and other apps, and you can do quests, buy stuff with the money you earn, or play mini games.  It’s only been live since April 27 or so, but it’s got a pretty good following. It was made by the creators of Neopets, which became hugely successful. This is a tiny bit more adult that Neopets, though. OK, in all honesty, I’m pretty experienced with Neopets, and it’s a lot more appealing to an adult audience than Neo is.  Apparently they know what they are doing. Also, this would be a good time to join, since you can “get in on the ground floor,” as it were. If you’re into that kind of thing. I’m totally digging it. It’s a bit more robust than many of the Facebook app games where you only have so many “moves,” but it’s still light enough that you don’t feel like you have to devote hours just to get anywhere. Many games are based on “time spent” type rewards, but I think this one is going to end up pretty balanced — if you make good decisions about where you need to use your energy, I think you can do pretty well.

If you join, be sure and friend my characters so that I can give you an “energy boost” when I see you on – energy lets you do more quests. My characters’ names are “Flintybones” (pirate) and “Kisi Wartooth” (Viking).  Facebook has this game as an app, but I don’t know how to get Facebook to do the referrals yet. But yeah, if you are even remotely interested, join through the link above and do a quest. That would rock. I don’t uusally ask for this sort of thing outright, but I thought this would be fun. I may even hit some of you up on Gtalk.  Sorry about blatantly trying to get referrals, but I figured that just this once it was worth a shot.

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