I Want My Dickensian Cottage

In a few Dickens novels, and also a couple of other 19th Century English novels, the end involves a marriage and also, often, the distribution of a large amount of property. Many times, the heroine is gifted with her very own cottage (or even full-blown manor).

I deserve such a cottage! I am the heroine of my own story, aren’t I? So where’s my benfactor? I know, I know, this is the 21st Century. I suppose I have to be my own benefactor.

My Dickensian cottage sits on a decently sized plot of land. I also think that one should be able to bike into the nearest town, so it can’t be more than 5-10 miles away. The kitchen is on the ground floor, and opens, typically enough, onto a kitchen garden with all kinds of herbs and things that don’t grow well in Texas. Because, you know, it’s in England. It’s made of stone or brick, and has a high peaky roof and at least two chimneys.  Upstairs would be home to the bedroom (with a fireplace in it) and the bath and a small sitting room, while downstairs would house the large kitchen ( complete with huge tables, coutertops, and an honest-to-god cooking fireplace, not to mention a complete stainless brewing setup and a stone oven), library (again with fireplace) and dining area. I suppose there’d have to be a laundry/utility room and some storage.  Guest quarters would be nice, too. Maybe those could go upstairs.

I’m currently taking any offers of cottages any wandering Dickensian benefactor might wish to bestow on me. Anyone who wants to give me a cottage would have an open invitaton there, and I would treat him or her to a full Dickensian meal as outlined by Cedric Dickens in his book Dining With Dickens. Hehehehe.

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