Smartphone equals Dumbphone

As some of you may know already (because I emailed you) I have messed up a lot of the contacts on my phone. My phone contained many of your phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses. If you think you are one of the contacts I lost, please contact me via email, Facebook, IM, […]

Do Me a Favor and Play a Cool Game!

Hey y’all. I would love it if you would try thisĀ  game, called Vikings, Pirates, Ninjas!

You can join with me as your referral by clicking this link: (http://www NULL.vpnwars

When you do a quest, and gain levels in certain increments, it gives me a certain amount of fame.

I suppose this […]

Just wash your hands!

I have four words for the masses regarding the swine flu, and they are: “Give me a break!”

I admit, that when the whole thing began, I was a little nervous. I would be fine during the day but then I would go home and see the news, and people were totally wigging out. Last week, many drugstores hereĀ  sold out of their supplies of anti-virals. That means that doctors here were prescribing them for people who weren’t sick and might not even become sick.

A few schools have been closed here, to the point that my students haven’t been coming to class, even though it’s adult education and we just use the building of a school that has not been closed.

Sure, I got a little creeped out when I saw the reports about how fast the virus was spreading, but I managed to get over it. More and more the evidence is that if you take reasonable precautions (wash your hands! don’t touch your face!) you will probably be fine. My issue is that otherwise reasonable people are jumping on this bandwagon.

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I Want My Dickensian Cottage

In a few Dickens novels, and also a couple of other 19th Century English novels, the end involves a marriage and also, often, the distribution of a large amount of property. Many times, the heroine is gifted with her very own cottage (or even full-blown manor).

I deserve such a cottage! I am the […]

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Countdown of the Moment

Happy St. Parick's Day!