Sookie Stackhouse novels: Has anyone read these?

I don’t really expect anyone of my acquaintance to have read these things.

That being said, the author seems hugely successful. I was just curious because her vampires, fairies, and other creatures seem to inhabit a section of the country I’ve tried all my life to escape. If someone has read these, can you please tell me how accurate the depiction of North Lousiana is? If it’s accurate, why the hell, if you’re a powerful vampire or whatever, don’t you go to California or New York or at least New Orleans, like in the Concrete Blonde song?

Ok, so I realize that after Katrina (that bitch) that a lot of people fled North. But if you’re a vampire, who has powers and stuff, wouldn’t you go somewhere, oh, I dunno, cool? Interesting? With better food? Oh wait, you’re a vampire, and they don’t eat. Okay, forget about the food part. But maybe better tailors and shopping? Vampires always seem to have the best tailors.

Someone solve the mystery for me!

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