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Girl Genius (http://www NULL.girlgeniusonline is the best online comic ever! I would have a great little graphic here but my website is experiencing technical difficulties. These difficulties are probably due to a component error between the chair and the keyboard and will be rectified when I figure out what I did wrong.

In the meantime, I want to tell you about Girl Genius (http://www NULL.girlgenius

Thought I forgot, did you?

A student at Transylvania Polygnostic University, Agatha Clay seems to be your average beautiful but clumsy underdog of science. She’s orphaned, ignored, and seems to have a painful version of ADHD. The universe is created in the Steampunk genre, so you get the Victorian underwear and the more elaborate Rube Goldberg type technology. What could be better?  Magic and Science combined. Oh wait. and the best scientists are also a bit… well… MAD! Mad, I tell you! Oh, yeah, and the art is nothing short of fantastic. Fantastic, I tell you!

It should be noted that I have only reached volume three. I have to read the rest of it. You should too.


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3 comments to Girl Genius Online Comics

  • John Voorhees (http://johnvoorhees

    Yes, and … AND … it is the work of the beloved Phil Foglio, creator of What’s New With Phil & Dixie, Buck Godot, and … ahem … adaptor of the Myth Adventures series. Dude has rocked for a long, long kind of time.

  • Alan

    I’ve been reading this one for a while, good stuff.

  • midnightferret (http://www NULL.midnightferret

    Hi guys. I just thought I would also plug the beautiful and talented Kaja Foglio, who has illustrated, among other projects, some of the Magic the Blathering, er, the Gathering cards. She also rocks. Hardcore.

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