Happy Holidays

Hi everyone!
I know, another sporadic post from Ferretland. To all of my Monroe friends, I hope I can see some of you this holiday: email, text, or call me. I will be here till Sun morning. AMY – this means YOU, too. The Phillips are also waiting to hear something of you or from you. I hope you and your fam have a great holiday. And Margaret (http://blue-hurricane NULL.livejournal NULL.com), I am definitely up for getting together and you can see that my husband does indeed exist, if you like.

To all of my other friends: I’m certain you have realized by now, as have I, that it is almost impossible for me to go through an Autumn or Winter without some kind of major depression. I am beginning to learn about how to deal with this so it doesn’t interfere with my life, but I definitely need practice. Translation: if you want to get back in touch with me, the odds are better right now that I will respond.

To all a Merry Christmas, Jolly Yule, and a Happy New Year!

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