Top Lessons I’ve Learned in the Past Few Weeks

1. My friendship is valuable.

I’m a very loyal, fun, and intelligent person, and one can benefit greatly from my company. If you are my friend I will happily drop everything to come to your aid, burn up a quarter tank of gas just to hang out with you for an hour or two, and I will always be genuinely happy to see you. Recently, a friend of mine found out that I was coming to visit a city vaguely in her vicinity (She lives on Cyprus and I was in Athens) and she actually booked a flight and a hotel room just to hang out with me for a day and a half. Not everyone appreciates my friendship that much. Some people don’t appreciate me enough to return my calls or take two minutes to IM me. That problem made me sad for a while. Now I feel that it’s really too bad that some people can make time for others and not for me, but it’s not my loss.  If someone has dropped me for whatever reason, and he or she can condescend to return my calls one day, even just to chat, I’ll be happy to talk or meet up, but I’m not crying over these people anymore. And I’m giving their X-mas presents to someone else who will appreciate them. Neener.

2.  It may not be apparent from the state of my weblog, but I’m an excellent writer. No, really. I’m that good.

I may be a bit too fond of adverbs, but other than that minor issue, I’m quite the wordsmith. I plan to make my writing public in some way within the next year, come hell or high water. I’ve been talking about making money writing all my life. It’s about time I did something about it instead of just wishing and tap-tap-tapping away at my computer keyboard.

3.  The universe is progressing as it should.

It’s ridiculous to get worked up and shorten one’s life over setbacks. I was under the illusion that after the multitude of setbacks I had experienced in my life, not the least of which included “That Bitch Katrina” (as my Aunt Patsy so eloquently puts it), that I was finally “on track” and would be able to control my life and prevent any future setbacks. I thought that because I finally had a plan that nothing and no one would interrupt that plan.  Well, of course I was wrong. Naturally, I was pissed. I was also tempted to do something insane like find religion or get knocked up or something. Luckily, I came to my senses and realized that I will be okay and I don’t have to keep to some crazy self-imposed “schedule.” True, I won’t live forever, but I’ve still got time: I ain’t dead yet.

4. While one may benefit greatly by having a “mentor” or “peer support,” in one’s field, these assets are not absolutely necessary for success.

I can’t say I don’t look at someone who has had a mentor in his or her field without envy. I also admit that while I was never the student who spent large amounts of time in anyone’s office, I sometimes wished a professor would take that much interest in me. I was lucky to have found my thesis advisor at LA Tech who did take an interest, and about three or four fellow students who (hopefully) would be willing to help me with my articles and other writing, but I can’t say I’ve ever really had a consistent mentor or group of interested peers who I was able to see on a regular basis. Did this put me at a disadvantage? Probably. Am I totally at a loss about continuing my education into the PhD level? Definitely. Is there a possibility that without peer support or someone who can direct me during the application and funding process that I might end up entering a program even later than I set out to do? Of course. Am I going to make it anyway? You can bet your ass I will. Will my work be on a par with those who have had a more contiguous education and more direction and mentoring? It will probably be better in some cases. I am damn smart. Fear my analytical skills.

5. I can climb 509 steps (http://http://en NULL.wikipedia and then eat gelato before dinner, all while severely jet lagged.

I can also utilize various forms of transportation requiring multiple connections even after having been awake for 26 hours. Because that’s just how I roll.

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  • Brien (http://www NULL.2dons

    Yea! You’re alive! I hope you didn’t tell the Nazis where we put the Ark of the Covenant while they had you kidnapped, though….

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