A Thank You To Brien

Brien gave me a gift card to Amazon (http://astore NULL.amazon NULL.com/blogferret-20) for my graduation. Well, what with moving and all, and then my perverse enjoyment of anticipation over gratification, he basically almost got me a birthday present (2 weeks!).

I just wanted to say thank you again, Brien, and let you know that you got me really cool stuff. I got an educational book, a movie, and an electronic gadget – ok, a memory card, but it goes inside an electronic gadget. I put them on my Amazon store as the last three items, if you’re curious. But yes, through the magic of Amazon, I was able to get three of my very favorite things.

I’m pretty sure I’ve thank3ed everyone else for graduation goodies, but if I’ve missed you, feel free to berate me by email or even here, (sort of) publicly. I won’t be offended. And then you’ll probably get a thank you note in the mail if I have your address.

And yes, Brien, I could have emailed you, but this way is better: it announces your awesomeness to the world. If that makes you uncomfy, I’ll happily delete this post.

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4 comments to A Thank You To Brien

  • Brien (http://www NULL.2dons NULL.com)

    Announce away! There aren’t that many blog posts about my awesomeness. *grin* Glad you got some loot that you like! BTW, James (http://www NULL.ambardia NULL.com) D. (aka H.) and his brood came by yesterday (he called me an hour before they showed up, so mad scramble to clean up), but I was very happy to see them again.

  • Coleman (http://www NULL.myspace NULL.com/rowsbed)

    You received a hug from me when the two of you (husband included) last visited Shreveport. Nothing beats sharing a cocktail, honey.

    And my presence (not presents) is priceless. :)

  • Brien (http://www NULL.2dons NULL.com)

    Holy crap – I just tried calling your number and I got an automated message in German – please tell me the Nazis didn’t get you.

  • midnightferret (http://www NULL.midnightferret NULL.com)

    The Nazis didn’t get me, Brien. I was in Germany. But they let me come back. Call me again. :)

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