I Know When to Stay In

Homey little cottage.I find that the more interesting my life is, the less time I have to write. The more time I have to write, the less stimulated I am, and therefore have fewer interesting topics to write about. The only exception to this rule is a sort of in-between period I get after I make a decision to put myself out in the world more but before I’ve actually put the plans in motion.

In any case, I’ve been getting out into the world a bit. And I’ve been staying in a bit, too. We had a couple of friends over for the weekend. I made chicken crepes with a sherry bechamel sauce, salad and a lemon ladyfinger dessert. None of it was particularly dietetic, but it was all delicious if I say so myself. I really enjoy cooking, and I am very gratified when I make a dish and people really enjoy it. From a fairly early time in my life, I’ve always wanted every meal I cook to be at least a bit above “average.” Maybe it’s because I’m from New Orleans, but I’ve always appreciated the differences between food, good food, and great food. What’s the point of eating something that’s just “okay?”

I also think I like to cook because it’s kind of a blend between science and artistry. A good cook uses both left-brain and right-brain functions, I’m sure. My husband and I were talking the other evening, and he had a very interesting insight about my personality. He mentioned that I seem to be “at war” within myself because my artistic side and my analytical side are often at odds. I also realized that I’ve been unconsciously suppressing the more artistic side of myself for some time now. I was a little upset at the time, but now I feel better for the added self-awareness. I realize that taking up knitting was also a way for the two halves of my brain to get together, and so is my fascination with glassblowing. I’m pretty excited about the next year; I know it might take some time, but I really want to make opportunities for myself to combine my creative side with my analytical side.

I also think Austin is going to offer a lot of good opportunities in this realm, as well. Our lives are finally starting to solidify here. Speaking of Austin in general, next time I’ve got to tell y’all about a great Chinese restaurant that is across the street from my apartment.

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  • Coleman (http://www NULL.myspace NULL.com/rowsbed)

    Thanks for posting, Christine. Not that it’s any relation, but Jason just made a cool observation about me; it led to more of my own self-awareness. After having moved into my new apartment at some point in April, I have still not unpacked, completely. I have shit lying around in each direction. He said, “I think it’s mental.” Of course, I don’t think he used ‘mental,’ but it will work right now for a lack of better terms. He went on to say that maybe it’s because I do not want a “permanent” life in Shreveport, and that maybe I ask myself, ‘Is this it?’ I graduate, live in an apartment (with occasional roaches) and work in nonprofit?

    I’m too worried that I’ll be forgotten or unseen, so I typically stay out, letting go of ever taking up a hobby. (Of course, the liquor is good, too!) I’ve always wanted to play an instrument (musically speaking); cook; – really, all sorts of things. Now, working, struggling, living pay period to pay period – my brain’s creative side has a war with the, “Can I afford this?” side. Fuck.

  • NtK

    “and get things done …”

    In my wandering through europe, the left-right brain war was a recurring theme in my self-absorption. For me, the tool of choice is chess, where raw calculation is only useful when informed by intuited understanding.

    BTW, I’ve (unfortunately) found the same relationship you note between time to write and doing things that you would write about, when balancing time to do things and money to do them … :(


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