If You Live In London

And you are already a famous blogger as well as a tech savvy individual, you might want to head over to Shiny Media’s Tech Digest (http://www NULL.techdigest NULL.tv/) and apply for a job.

Whatever you do, however, if you get the job, please, please PLEASE make sure that the “read more” style jumps actually work. Also, although shinyshiny.tv (http://shinyshiny NULL.tv) used to be one of my favorite daily rambles, on each page of multiple entries I am now finding both broken jumps and numerous pronoun agreement errors.

I know, I know. “Picky, picky, snarky whiner!” I can hear you all screaming it. No, really. Get off my lawn. But seriously, I understand the world of constant bloggers even if I am not one myself. The occasional typo that spell check doesn’t catch, a grammar mistake here and there . . . so what? It’s not the end of the world.

Still, I’ll let all five of you, my faithful readers, in on a little secret: I’ve recently applied for a few freelance writing and blogging jobs, and if I get one, I could be actually paid to write. If you think that I will be paid to write something and submit articles containing pronoun agreement errors, you are sorely mistaken. Everyone who is being paid to do a job should do so to the best of her (not their, dammit!) ability. If the writer herself misses an error, then the copy editor should catch it. Both people are being paid to do their jobs, and those jobs include writing for clarity and communication as well as for wit and information. Pronoun agreement errors, among others, disrupt the clarity of the sentences and therefore make the sentence less effective. So errors pretty much ensure that the product the writer is being paid to produce is inferior.

Yeah, I’m a big fat mean bitch. But it’s my blog and my opinion, and no one has to read it. I am just hacked off because I used to be able to read Shiny Shiny (http://shinyshiny NULL.tv) and not find two articles in a row with errors in them. Now I find errors fairly often, and it bugs me that even if I lived in the area I couldn’t get such a job.

Yes, I admit jealously plays a part in all snarking. But think about it for a moment: I have experience with Movable Type, Photoshop, and CSS. I have communications experience and a Master’s Degree, and have been writing at a professional level for years. (Not on this blog, obviously, but you get the idea.) However, no one cares about that stuff. People only care if you’ve worked for an online publication before, not if you can make your damn subjects and verbs agree in a simple sentence. And trust me, knowledge of basic grammar rules is not a qualification for journalism majors, according to my experience when I tried to get them to write essays. Go ahead. Call my bluff. Get a newspaper and mark up all the errors. Your paper will be ” black and white and red all over.”

Hah. I actually wrote that. I should go to the lame pun corner and put my nose in it. In any case, I feel better for my rant. I hope I do get one of my piddly local writing jobs. At least then I can put my money where my mouth is and stand up for proper grammar in the media. In fact, maybe I should do penance for my rant by going back and editing all of my previous entries here for grammar, typos, and effectiveness.  Yeah, Maybe tomorrow.

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  • Alan

    Kerry can’t make it out of a restaurant without grammar checking their menus these days.

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