We Are Moved

We arrived in Austin, TX at around 5pm Sunday evening. Our friend Craig was waiting for us and even had supper ready! How cool is that?

Monday, we got our bearings and went to the employment office. Tuesday, James (http://www NULL.ambardia NULL.com) left at 8am and came home at 12:30pm from a job search, having interviewed at his first choice job, AdsLed (http://www NULL.adsled NULL.com). By 2:30 we heard from his new boss that he had the job and he would start at 9am Wednesday morning. So the job search is pretty much over. Tuesday evening spent with Kevin, celebrating with drinks at the Spider House (http://www NULL.spiderhousecafe NULL.com).

Now we are beginning our apartment search. So far, we can’t seem to find a place that suits. Of course, we haven’t looked at many places yet, though.

Craig, who has been good enough to put us up for a while, thought I messed up his computer by putting it on a router so I could also hook up wi-fi for us to use. It turned out that his computer thought that when I moved it I had opened the chassis, and he also needed to change the battery in his wireless mouse. Today has actually kind of sucked, but I can’t really get too upset about it.

So much has happened this week that I can’t even put everything into words. I feel like I’ve done and seen many things, but really I haven’t scratched the tip of the iceberg, to mix metaphors. I told James (http://www NULL.ambardia NULL.com) last night that I was feeling anxious, and he replied, “Well, I don’t know why you’d be feeling that way. We’re only in a completely new, larger city, with a totally different lifestyle and we’re living in someone else’s apartment.” I’m lucky to have a man with such a pragmatic outlook on life.

At any rate, I wish I was all high tech and could post cool phone pics here, but I haven’t taken any yet.

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2 comments to We Are Moved

  • Brien (http://www NULL.2dons NULL.com)

    Glad to hear you made it to Austin OK – awesome news about James (http://www NULL.ambardia NULL.com)‘ new job!

  • Rochelle & Michael

    Well its about time you 2 got here, we left the light on for you here in Texas, now our state is complete!!!!! Glad you all are here, now maybe we can see you 2 more than once a year, twice if we are lucky. We will be in San antonio this weekend if you dont have anything going on give us a holler , email me and I will shoot you the #. If you need anything give us a holler and we are there. Cant wait to see you 2, its been too long!!

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