Today is the Day

Graduation is imminent. I just keep thinking about dinner. If I can get to dinner time, I will be okay. Too bad that’s 8 hours away.

I am going to have to see if my cell phone makes noise when I IM . . . no, really. I’m serious. How am I going to get through a 3 hour ceremony, sitting next to people I don’t know, without moral support? The tiny post-Katrina UNO (http://www graduation was bad enough, but an insane giant assembly center full of people? How do they expect us to get through that without a drink? Sheesh.

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1 comment to Today is the Day

  • NtK

    When I walked for my MS, friends in the audience yelled a call-response of “How does he do it?” … “Volume!”

    It was very cool.

    If I was there, I’d do something similar for you. :)


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