The “Mixed Victory” of Doctorate Degree Aspirations

With graduation looming, er, I mean nearly dawning in my horizon, I’ve been noticing a few reactions that I’ve been getting when some of my friends hear that I plan to continue my education into the doctorate level. The conversation usually goes something like this:

Them: So you’re finally going to get that Masters’ Degree, huh?

Me (somewhat ironically): Um, yeah, it took me a year and half.

Them: Wow that’s forever! So what’re you gonna do with your degree? you’ve been in school forever.

Me (gritting my teeth because I know what’s coming): Well, since I went back to get my B.A. in 2003, I’ve planned on getting my doctorate and becoming a professor of literature. I will enter a program in Fall of 2009.

Them (laughing like they’re in on a joke): Heh heh, so you’re gonna just keep going to school so you don’t have to get a real job, huh? Heh heh heh.

To my credit, I don’t give out these people’s addresses and cell numbers to my numerous very computer savvy *wink wink* acquaintances. I don’t even scream at them or attempt to push them under a bus the next time I see them.

Most of my good friends know what blood, sweat, and tears (and beers) are involved in getting any sort of degree beyond the Bachelor’s. Some do not. This second group tends to assume that graduate courses and coursework are similar to one’s coursework as a senior in the undergrad degree. This error is not only grievous, I would go so far as to say it is egregious. Egregious, I tell you!

Also, apparently, a Senior-level or Graduate professorship is not a “real job” to aspire to. Professors of any kind do not deal with “office politics,” too much red tape, unsympathetic bosses or supervisors, irritating co-workers, or deadlines. Apparently, being a professor at a university merely involves wearing drab, natural fiber clothing and attending cocktail parties or something.

I guess I’ll go and watch tv or sit on a deck chair or something and let my thesis finish itself, and let my article for my tech writing class edit itself and add research to itself. The research is currently doing itself while I am writing this blog entry. Tomorrow, my final chapter will drive itself to Ruston in the morning while I have a lie-in and then dine on a huge delicious brunch of waffles and bacon. I will read a mystery novel while my Tech Writing textbook reads itself and answers the questions on Blackboard, and takes a quiz on its own material. By that time I will be ready for my daily 3 hour nap.

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