Focus? What’s Focus? Do I Have It?

A magnifying glass!I do seem to be feeling much better. I stopped posting in October only to begin again yesterday, and here I am posting again! I was browsing yesterday and today looking for configuration instructions for a plugin I installed in October and promptly forgot about. (More on this later when I actually use it to generate content.) I read an article about how to bring readers to one’s blog with an aim to make money blogging, and the author insisted that one’s blog have “focus.”

This blog, when I post to it, is just my personal weblog. Should it have focus? I suppose the real question is that if and when I begin to post regular entries to the blog, should it then have “focus”?

At any rate, I don’t know if I am necessarily a very focussed person.  As Candide always said, “If this were the best of all possible worlds,” then I would post here 3 times a week or more. These posts would concern the following subjects:

  • thoughts about current events in my life, school, 19th century English novels etc.
  • book reviews (both scholarly and pleasure reading)
  • movie/TV reviews
  • board game reviews
  • restaurant reviews (although this would be better applied if I still lived in N.O. or really anywhere but Monroe, LA)
  • gadgets
  • recipes (I really like food)
  • knitting: projects, equipment, ideas, etc.
  • Renaissance festivals

That’s a pretty hefty list. I have made a separate blog for recipes, but that’s because I had intended to use it somewhat as a database. I don’t know if it’s failing or not. There aren’t many entries in it, but that is because I get a lot of recipes from a friend of mine. Her recipes are handed down for several generations and she might not appreciate it if the recipes went public. I haven’t figured out what to do about that, if anything.

The other items on the list of blog content are all interests of mine. I thought about making a separate Ren Fest blog, but until I can attend a fest and then actually put the pictures up in my gallery, for starters, I don’t think I can maintain something like that. Of course it would help if I had my own camera.  Still it would be cool to make a Ren Fest Blog – with articles, contributions from readers, photos and links! Might have to put that in a “list of things to do before I die.”

At any rate, my interests are pretty broad. I didn’t even put anything in about my pets – ferrets, a bird, some hermit crabs, and 3 betta fish – but that would qualify as an interest and I may one day write enough about pet-related issues to make a category for the posts.

I suppose I’ve rambled full circle here: the big question is whether I want a large audience of regular readers and/or to make money off of my weblog. Honestly, I’m not certain I want either of those things. I am already paranoid that something I say here might get me fired from a future job, or cause one of my very few friends start to hate me. Do I really need a bunch of people reading this thing?  On the one hand, it would feed my ego, but on the other, it might just be trouble :P.

It also might be nice if (like last March) someone liked my review of a book/movie/board game enough to click on the Amazon link and buy it, but that’s just because I am a book junkie and need Amazon associates income to help feed my addiction.  So perhaps I don’t really want to make money here, either.

Still, that makes me sound like I created my web presence just to take up webspace. That’s not particularly cool. I must be getting older – when I was young and idealistic, I believed in self-expression for its own sake. It was only after I hit my mid-twenties that I realized how tiresome self-expression for its own sake can really be. (See goth poetry websites that allow user submissions. Heck, see any goth poetry website…)

It is a testament to my lack of focus that I have rambled on for several paragraphs and still failed to decide if I need a focus here or not, much less what that focus should be. I do know one thing, though: I’m a decent writer with a fairly interesting viewpoint. If I posted here regularly and at least provided semi-interesting content, I could definitely provide an awesome procrastination tool. Who doesn’t love to procrastinate?

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3 comments to Focus? What’s Focus? Do I Have It?

  • Brien

    I can’t remember what blog software you’re running now, but most can tag entries as belonging to certain categories. The nice thing about that versus a seperate blog is that sometimes you may discuss something that falls into more than one topic of conversation – tagging them instead of seperating them makes them easier to find.

    As far as making money off of a blog, here’s my unsolicited $0.02 – do it, but don’t make a business out of it. I think somebody had written an article in Wired recently about trying to blog for money, and it eventually got to the point where he wasn’t happy with himself because he found himself compromising his values to make a buck. What I did when I still had my blog up and running was just list out all of the stuff I already had, with links to Amazon. This had a three-fold rational:

    1) People could see what I already had. If they wanted to borrow something that I might have, they could check the list first and know what I had and what I didn’t. Also, this allowed them to avoid buying me something as a gift that I already had.
    2) It allowed people to know what I liked and get a better understanding of who I was (sounds shallow, but if you like something, that’s a small indication of who you are – at least, just as much as, say, posting on somebody’s blog)
    3) People who liked me or at least liked the things I liked could make a value judgement of whether they might like something based on that list. At least this way it’s no different than me telling somebody about a book or movie I really liked, except that in this case I get about $0.02 back, which I can then use on dispensing my unsolicted advice. *grin*

    Insanity is such a sweet pill to take
    Memory shall be gone, no gods shall be awake

    Oh, sorry, I meant to post that on the goth poetry website (how embarassing!)

  • Rudy (http://www NULL.amid

    Keep it clean and civil. Works all the time for me! :-)

  • midnightferret (http://www NULL.midnightferret

    I especially liked the gratuitous use of “shall” in your goth poetry. You will win this month’s competition on such a website. I hope your prize is a goth-loli outfit.

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