I’m Taking Advantage of This Opportunity

Because the site is “under construction” I have the chance to write a few things that few people will read until a couple of months from now, if they read them at all. Whee.

I just want to make a few comments about depression and maybe even bipolar disorder. For a couple of months, I guess I was pretty sick. The only way I know I was sick is because I had a hard time completing my normal everyday activities.

Oh, and I suppose I have to admit that for a week or two, I was convinced I was possessed by demons. I guess if you know me well enough for you to be more than moderately or academically interested in the previous statements, then you should contact me via email or phone if you would like to know anything more about that. For anyone who has doubts, no, I haven’t been what people would consider “religious” for a number of years now. Enough years to be comfortable with that.

At any rate, I’m mostly enjoying my life. I wish I had more social contacts, and I won’t be graduating until May instead of March, but mostly life is good. Although there are some days I wish I had the credit to buy a large boat and become a pearl diver, or a studio and become a yoga teacher, or get certified and become a diving instructor… No, really. People don’t understand how close I am to really doing these things.

At any rate, I hope this has given you, the reader, an insight into who I am and what my life is like. Heh. 😛

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3 comments to I’m Taking Advantage of This Opportunity

  • Margaret (http://blue-hurricane NULL.livejournal NULL.com/)

    I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  • NtK

    Are we talking “christian” demons, or “Buffy” demons? :)
    (sorry for the quotes (http://quotation-marks NULL.blogspot NULL.com/))

    Speaking as a dive instructor, it can be quite rewarding. In the right mode, it really rocks. Other times, like any job, it can suck… ask me about my birthday 2 years ago …


  • midnightferret (http://www NULL.midnightferret NULL.com)

    What happens on your birthday two years ago? (I suppose now I need to install that comment subscriby tool… 😀

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