Finally Fixed the Colors & New Plugins!

I just thought I’d mention, in case no one noticed, that I finally fixed the colors and pictures here and I also installed a groovy new progress plugin. It is called Progressfly, and as you can see, it uses css to generate progress meters for whatever you want. I was going to put James […]

My Favorite Yarns

I have to put in a word here for a couple of my favorite yarns. I run the risk here of exposing myself as perhaps more strange and obsessed with strange things than any of you previously suspected, but lately I feel the urge to express myself. So if I want to post about my favorite yarn, then by golly, that’s-a-what-I’m-gonna-do! Continue reading My Favorite Yarns

Why I Wish I Had Taken an Electronics Course:

01/\/atch – Instructables – DIY, How To, tech (http://www NULL.instructables

via Google (http://www, while searching for affordable binary watches. Why was I searching for affordable binary watches, you ask? Because I am not writing my paper on David Copperfield.

Focus? What’s Focus? Do I Have It?

A magnifying glass!I do seem to be feeling much better. I stopped posting in October only to begin again yesterday, and here I am posting again! I was browsing yesterday and today looking for configuration instructions for a plugin I installed in October and promptly forgot about. (More on this later when I actually use it to generate content.) I read an article about how to bring readers to one’s blog with an aim to make money blogging, and the author insisted that one’s blog have “focus.” Continue reading Focus? What’s Focus? Do I Have It?

I’m Taking Advantage of This Opportunity

Because the site is “under construction” I have the chance to write a few things that few people will read until a couple of months from now, if they read them at all. Whee.

I just want to make a few comments about depression and maybe even bipolar disorder. For a couple of months, […]

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Countdown of the Moment

Happy St. Parick's Day!