My Blog Made Money!

Guess what, guys? My blog made money! Well, it made Amazon (http://www referral fees. It was for the second quarter, so it was in April.  I made $5.00!  How exciting is that?  Thanks to my faithful readers and random wandering googlers. I get paid in Amazon gift certificates, so it has to reach a certain amount before I actually get to use it for anything, but hey, I was pretty gratified that after several years of being an Amazon associate I finally made money!

I usually only link to products (mostly books) that I want or like, but maybe I’ll stick some random-ish Amazon links next to my Google (http://www ads on the sidebar.  I’m not worried too much about being too mercenary, because no one clicks the Google (http://www ads – which is okay, really. My website has always really been sort of an experiment to see what happens if one quietly goes about his or her business on the internet.  Over the past few years,  some interesting things have happened, including being hacked and having really neat commenters!

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2 comments to My Blog Made Money!

  • Brien

    One thing I tried to do before my site blew up was list DVDs and CDs I owned and have the links point to Amazon – that way there was more information about it and it truly was more like a “referral” than just randomly displaying stuff to sell. Of course, the big reason I had the list was so people would know what not to buy me for Christmas. I don’t need a third copy of Army of Darkness – unless it’s a super-extended version with additional commentary. *grin*

  • midnightferret (http://www NULL.midnightferret

    Well, at least now I know what to get you for Christmas!

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