Stuff I Need. Honest, I really need it!

Okay, having begun to knit in 2005, mostly to have something cheap to do with my hands while James (http://www NULL.ambardia was in New Orleans trying to get back into our neighborhood after the stupid hurricane, I have now become proficient enough at it to need real supplies.  Right now I have a long plastic needle case with a few different needls of various sizes and a small yarn “stash” – I don’t think you could even really call it a stash, though.  Every skein of yarn I have (and some I don’t have) is already alotted to a project, or it’s a bit of a skein from a different project.

My point is that I’ve decided I need an entire set of double pointed needles, circular needles, and straight needles, and I also need cable needles of more than one size and I really really need a place to put it all. Right now all the knitting stuff is organized in plastic bags stacked up inside a wicker hamper thing with a lid I got at Big Lots.  My ferret Mab likes to scale it like MT (http://www NULL.movabletype Everest, in hopes of reaching still greater heights, but I moved it away from the kitchen table, so she is routinely disappointed.

The only reason I say this is that I’m tired of getting a new pattern only to discover that I not only need yarn, but I also have to buy needles.  I guess that’s why James (http://www NULL.ambardia has all those drill bits.  He just likes to be prepared.

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1 comment to Stuff I Need. Honest, I really need it!

  • monica

    I want to learn to knit sooooo bad

    Ive been making alot of legwarmers on one of those knitting circles

    but I saw all these cool scarfy things (http://www NULL.twinkiechan NULL.htm)

    I am tres jealous

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