My First PayPal Dispute

Yep, that’s right. I’m going to be reduced to one of those people who starts fights on the internet. No, I’m not a forum troll, although I have annoyed quite a few people in my intermittent forum rovings: I may have to fight over 30 bucks with an online merchant.

It all started May 22. I ordered some Noro Kureyon color #88. This, by the way, is Japanese yarn. I like it so much because I already had a couple of skeins and I knitted some arm warmers and a hat with them – I’ll have to post pics when James (http://www NULL.ambardia brings the camera back. Color 88 is my absolute favorite color they make, so of course they’re discontinuing it. When the package didn’t arrive, I called because I thought maybe I hadn’t typed in the right address or something on my order form. Okay, I waited till last week to call.

The lady who answered my call said she thought she had already emailed me. They were out of that color. In fact, they were out of every color except one. An icky blue one. I don’t like blue too much: I’m an autumn. So I said don’t worry about it, just cancel the order and give me a refund. She did, and I instantly got an email from her online checkout processing software saying I had gotten the refund. We hung up the phone and I thought everything would be fine.

I was wrong. A few hours later I checked my PayPal account to see if the refund had been processed. So I fired off an email and informed the lady, who said she’d get right on it in the morning. The next day, I didn’t hear from her most of the day, so I sent another email. Kind of late I received a reply that the issue would definitely be resolved and that I might not hear from her until late the next day but again, that the issue would be resolved and I would get an email. That was on June 6.

The stupid part about this is that because their store software says that it refunded me, they probably don’t realize that their PayPal account has not refunded me. I tried sending email to this effect on June 8th but got no reply. I emailed her today and said if I don’t hear from her by end of business tomorrow I am opening a dispute with PayPal. I reiterated that I would prefer to resolve this by ourselves, and I was as nice as I could possibly be about it. I don’t understand why she doesn’t just log in to her PayPal account, look to see if the refund has been made of a a payment on May 22 from my address, and refund it. I hope I’m not overreacting if I file a dispute if I don’t hear from her tomorrow, but I haven’t heard from her in 5 days! For all I know she thinks I’m just going to walk away and forget about my 30 bucks because she’s not talking to me.

Fat chance! I need my 30 bucks. So I’m an evil annoying online shopper. It’s come to this…

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  • Brien

    Actually, that’s exactly what the dispute part of paypal is all about – it just puts everything back to a status quo until the issue has been resolved. I think that since you’ve already tried to settle the dispute one-on-one and haven’t received a resolution, that’s perfectly acceptable. Besides, the vendor may have every desire to refund you but for some reason or another cannot at this time (the person might be away or unavailable due to personal reasons) and this assures that it doesn’t get dropped by the wayside.

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