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Hi guys,

In honor of slightly elevated traffic lately (i.e. two of you who seldom pass by have both let me know you’ve been reading!) I decided to finally sort out the recipe section of this blog.  I decided that that only format for my recipes that I can stand to use is actually another blog.  Now, this will probably pose problems related to ease of use and sorting via cooking times, etc, but since my cooking isn’t really an exact science, I don’t have to worry too much about that.

Notice the new “recipes” section on the navigation bar above.  When you click it, you will notice that it takes you to an actual recipe blog that has actual recipes you can view on it. A far cry from my abortive experiments with recipe softwares, no? I’m still working out a system for posting pics, but since food photographs so awfully anyway I’m not too worried.  I think I have a nice piccy of a King Cake somewhere, though… heheh.

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