Holiday Wish List — So I don’t forget

Year after year, a friend or family member asks me what I want for gifts and I am just about always at a loss to reply. This year I can actually get or make people something decent, too, so I suppose it’s okay if I put a few things I need or want up here. At the very least I can keep it here for my own reference. Some of this I really don’t expect anyone to get for me, I’m just gonna put it here.
Self Striping Sock Yarn

Circular knitting needles (any size)


DVD’s: Fraggle Rock Season 1 or 2

New Birkenstocks (Milano or clogs)

decent headphones

USB key or that bracelet thing :)

or there’s always Amazon! My Wish List (http://www

Oh, and if anyone wants to send me a link to their Amazon wishlist, that would be totally cool.  I have always wanted to get someone something off of their wishlist.

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