Pulling Teeth

Grr. Why is it, that when I wanted so much to return to school, that when I get here, doing any of my assignments is like pulling teeth. I can’t get motivated to do the assignments, and once I get there, sticking to the work is extremely difficult.

It makes me want to overeat. I am also getting a bit disillusioned with graduate school in general. I hear that this is common. To top it off, I am taking 9 hours, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but with the faster pace of the quarter system and the higher workload, it’s actually frazzling the pants right off me.

Oh, and I will never, repeat NEVER be a librarian. Bibliography is some of the least interesting stuff in the world to me. Oh, I absolutely love the major ideas and concepts behind the whole thing, and the history of print is fun, too. Still the actual mechanics of bibliography are kind of dry. Linguistics wasn’t this bad. I actually ended up sort of enjoying linguistics. I don’t know if I’ll feel anything but relief when bibliography is over.

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  • John Masters (http://jamspeaks NULL.blogspot NULL.com/)

    The quarter system is fast and furious. I did, however, like the speed at which painful classes went by. I have no words of wisdom about the blahs, and the procrastination, and lack of inspiration. I suffer from the same problems. Mentally, I know better, but I still function contrary to that.

    I grew up in Monroe, and earned a degree at LaTech. Being from there, I understand from friends who had moved there for whatever reason, it can be painful. It has as good a bunch of people as any other town, but you being from N.O. it is probably a massive culture shock. I return very infrequently, despite ALL of my family I have left living there. I love to see them, but after about 3 days, I’ve had just about all I can take. It’s only partly the town though. I knew from a young age I wouldn’t stay there. No particular reason, just the way I’m wired I guess. Can’t explain it really. It’s a love hate thing with me.

    You really have to take frequent stops and look forward to what you are aiming at, to help you get through this period. Don’t let what you have to accomplish today give you such tunnel vision that you lose sight of the long term goal.

    Best wishes.

  • Brien

    Two words – “cellar door”.

  • ugh kevin (http://no,YOUrl NULL.)

    bibliography is for the hottest ONLY

    if you hate bibliography
    then you are NOT HOT

    plus you probably use a wheely-bag

    in conclusion, you excite me in a prurient manner.

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