Master and Researcher

Thursday I started the MA program at Louisiana Tech (http://www NULL.latech  I am pretty excited about it, actually.  I am taking 9 hours: Research and Bibliography, Teaching Composition, and 16th Century British Literature.  The first two are sort of “core curriculum”.  It is pretty exciting to get to take all your classes in your preferred field, instead of having to do things you don’t really care about.
The Scholar
I’m also  just excited to be getting on with it: I know it’s a long road from here to the PhD, but it’s a relief to be making some sort of progress.  It also makes me feel more “normal” to have a routine again instead of just a part time job.  Although as excited as I am about this quarter, I will be SO excited to do the assistantship next quarter.  I know assistantships in all their forms are merely plebe labor, but it is exciting to know that I will actually be getting some experience in what I really want to do.  I wat to start teaching and researching, because that is probably what I will end up doing with most of the rest of my life. That is, until I “retire” and become a Renaissance Festival glassblower.  Heheh.

Isn’t it hilarious that I can go from just entering grad school all the way to retirement in one blog article?  I so rock.

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