Don’t You Wish Every Movie

Was like this one?

(http://www NULL.html%3FASIN=B000FO0AA6%26tag=blogferret-20%26lcode=xm2%26cID=2025%26ccmID=165953%26location=/o/ASIN/B000FO0AA6%253FSubscriptionId=0EMV44A9A5YT1RVDGZ82)

Do I need to say more?

Pulling Teeth

Grr. Why is it, that when I wanted so much to return to school, that when I get here, doing any of my assignments is like pulling teeth. I can’t get motivated to do the assignments, and once I get there, sticking to the work is extremely difficult.

It makes me want to overeat. […]

Weird Al is Back (http://www

I mean, he never left, or course, but it’s been a while since I really wanted to get one of his albums when it came out.   I thought maybe I had “grown out” of him or something.  Fortunately, I was wrong — he can still make me laugh.

Now It Happens

Now that my evenings are mostly taken up with study (graduate professors are apparently reluctant to have classes before 3pm) all sorts of things happen in the evening.  Where previously we would rent movies or just sit around staring at each other, now people James (http://www NULL.ambardia works with invite us to dinner.  […]

Silly Dilemma

So apparently I am injuring myself trying to carry around my books and my laptop at the same time. James (http://www NULL.ambardia got me a realy neat red laptop case from Target for my birthday but I can’t fit my school books into it. I have a sleeve for the laptop and I […]

The End of The Internet

It occurs to me that I’ve been “on the internet” pretty steadily since around 1992. Well, I guess before it was public domain doesn’t really count, but whatever. Still, lately I find that I don’t have as much fun on the internet as I used to. I know, I know, geek blasphemy. But it’s […]

Master and Researcher

Thursday I started the MA program at Louisiana Tech (http://www NULL.latech  I am pretty excited about it, actually.  I am taking 9 hours: Research and Bibliography, Teaching Composition, and 16th Century British Literature.  The first two are sort of “core curriculum”.  It is pretty exciting to get to take all your classes in […]

What I Should Have Bought

I wish I’d seen this (http://www NULL.shoplooponline NULL.cfm/4,567 NULL.htm) BEFORE my birthday had come and gone. Yes, it was my 30th birthday (Sep 1st), and no, I don’t see why someone of my now advanced age wouldn’t carry a purse with a crazy Warhol-inspired pattern all over it and a banana keychain.

I […]

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Countdown of the Moment

Happy St. Parick's Day!