I Was Tagged: 6 Weird Things

I am putting all blog entries here, because um, well, I haven’t maintained a website (albeit very seldom visited) for four years not to post things in it. Speaking of which, all of my various community things (Yahoo 360, MySpace, LiveJournal, Orkut, etc) will be posted here with a link on whatever community it’s relevant to: except LJ, which is automatically crossposted. Ooh, maybe I can get Yahoo to put the RSS feed for my blog there.

So anyway, LadyJessica tagged me. 6 weird/embarassing things about myself:

  1. I have an office supply fetish. With the flimsiest of excuses I will raid Office Depot for the latest in colored pens, metallic Sharpies, anodized coloredy staples/paperclips/binder clips, Wilson Jones folders and expandable files, and other goodies. I recently spent two days obsessing over the fact that I can’t find a 3-hole punched writing tablet that is ruled in the Cornell Notetaking System (for Grad School, you know…) I actually considered printing my OWN notepaper, but couldn’t figure out how to make a writing tablet out of it. Yet.
  2. I have 17+ years of computer networking/repair/internet/business solutions/communications/support experience, with various operating systems. The men in the Electronics departments still talk down to me or ignore me when me and my husband go and look at technology items, and I can’t get an IT job to save my life. The latter is probably a good thing, since I want to be a university professor.
  3. Sometimes when I screw up minor things, I pretend I didn’t notice, hoping others will take the hint and just ignore it, too.
  4. I love the smell of struck matches, and used to sometimes gratuitously strike matches just to smell them.
  5. I have always, even from childhood, enjoyed the taste of beer, wine, whiskey, and most other spirits. The only one I had to aquire a taste for was gin, and that didn’t take long. Oh, except I dislike White Zinfandel and Chardonnay. In fact, White Zinfandel shouldn’t even count as wine… they should shelve it with the Boone’s Farm and Mad Dog 20/20 where it belongs. 😛
  6. I go to so many UK websites that now when I do a Google (http://www NULL.google NULL.com) search I get more UK results than I get United States ones.

Hmm. Who to pass it on to… I will have to come back and edit this after I figure it out. Ciao.

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2 comments to I Was Tagged: 6 Weird Things

  • monica

    you should try ribbon and hot glue to make a writing tablet
    http://www.instructables.com/id/EUHL5RGTSTEQC10W1M/ (http://www NULL.instructables NULL.com/id/EUHL5RGTSTEQC10W1M/)

    white wine almost always smells like feet to me

  • Alan

    1) I have this strange need for new pens and sharpies every so often. Paperclips are nice too. I bet Kerry would know something making a writing tablet.

    2) Beat these insolent techies until their morale improves or they recognize your status as alpha techie. ;P

    4) Mmmmm fire.

    Hey, we need to get together and cookout again soon.

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