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I saw this on the childfree LiveJournal community and had to spread it around a bit. I thought it was an interesting take on people. You see a lot of real ads like this (with the babies and puppies reversed, of course) and it’s sometimes good to see that maybe it’s not “ok” to give up a family member just because you’re getting another.

We’re Having a Puppy! (http://community NULL.livejournal NULL.com/childfree/7702377 NULL.html#cutid1) via childfree (http://community NULL.livejournal NULL.com/childfree/)

I also feel compelled to mention that I still consider myself childfree despite the fact that some people who claim to be childfree can be offensive.  I am childfree because parenting isn’t for everyone, not because I think that parenting is bad.  I do know people who became parents just because they yielded to biology without thought, or worse, for all the WRONG reasons.  I ALSO know a few parents who not only made/make responsible parenting choices but ALSO don’t yammer to me how motherhood is what women were meant for (this implies that I am not a “good woman”). The latter sort of parents are not only good parents, but they are also considerate and good friends of mine.  And as soon as their children are able to make a decent variety of mixed drinks and/or appetizers, they are welcome in my home. 😛

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