Born of Frustration

Okay, big title, small sentiment. I have so dropped the ball lately. With a lot of little things. Sometimes it seems that just as I get things going, I suddenly lose momentum and motivation.

I wanted to start a Renaissance Faire website — I started it, but I didn’t add any content. I wanted to catalog my movie collection — I have put 10 movies into the database. My recipe collection contains 3 recipes, and now I’ve decided I don’t like the software, so I’m thinking of changing it. My file server has been broken for two months: I need to upgrade it and see why it’s not connecting with other computers.

I haven’t even blogged in forever because I feel guilty for not working on these other projects.

I need a life coach. I wonder if you can download that?

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2 comments to Born of Frustration

  • monica

    I feel that way alot
    lately Ive been working really hard at it though
    I psyche myself up

    Im making a badass claymation movie
    just to prove to myself I can finish something that takes more than one day

    its hard

  • Alan

    Don’t feel bad Christine, I finally got around to getting the old server running withing my internal network so I could pull people’s stuff off there. I let it sit for months because I just couldn’t bring myself to mess with it.

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