Recipe section woes…

Argh. I thought my recipe section would let people view the recipes but not add any… But you can’t even see the recipes without having an account. I didn’t want to install blog software because I thought it was silly just for a bunch of recipes. Still, my mom had a point — maybe […]

Fake Funny Advertisement

I saw this on the childfree LiveJournal community and had to spread it around a bit. I thought it was an interesting take on people. You see a lot of real ads like this (with the babies and puppies reversed, of course) and it’s sometimes good to see that maybe it’s not “ok” to […]

Born of Frustration

Okay, big title, small sentiment. I have so dropped the ball lately. With a lot of little things. Sometimes it seems that just as I get things going, I suddenly lose momentum and motivation.

I wanted to start a Renaissance Faire website — I started it, but I didn’t add any content. I wanted […]

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Countdown of the Moment

Happy St. Parick's Day!