What Dinosaur Are You?

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I am a Trodon:

Current research suggests that Troodon was a small and speedy carnivorous creature…according to your answers so are you!

Troodon had an unusually large brain for a dinosaur, compared to the size of its body. Its teeth were also out of the ordinary for a meat eater, with bumps along the side like a plant-eating dinosaur. This hints that Troodon wasn’t a fussy eater and may have munched on insects, eggs and plants as well as meat.

Seems accurate, except for the not fussy part.

Find out (http://www NULL.nhm NULL.ac NULL.uk/kids-only/fun-games/what-dinosaur-are-you/index NULL.html) what dinosaur you are!

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1 comment to What Dinosaur Are You?

  • kevinly

    I’m a Tyrannosaurus! Awesome!

    It’s quite uncanny, actually; my eyes do face forwards! Unlike most Tyrannosauri, however, I can spell the word “independent.”

    Current research suggests that Tyrannosaurus was a large, slow moving, independant, carnivorous creature’s…according to your answers so are you!

    The T.rex was one of the fiercest and most powerful of the meat eaters. It wasn’t the largest, but when it opened its mouth, you wouldn’t argue with its metre-wide bite.

    Unlike most plant-eating dinosaurs, its eyes faced forward not sideways. This allowed it to judge distances and focus on single objects better. Handy skills for a deadly predator.

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